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Have you ever felt the presence of a deceased loved one? Did you hear him? Did you see her, at night at the foot of your bed or in nature ? Did you feel his arm around your waist in a familiar gesture lived a thousand times during his lifetime? Did you communicate with her during sleep ?

If this is the case, you have experienced an After-Death Communication (ADC). These spontaneous and direct contacts apparently initiated by the deceased are described and analysed in my latest book Quand les défunts viennent à nous, published in April 2017.

You will also discover, through my books and other writings, my 30-year work in the field of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs).

In order to offer you a comprehensive view of experiences around death, I also provide an introduction to Nearing-Death Awareness, in particular to deathbed visions.

If you have experienced an After-Death Communication yourself, please complete the on-line survey available under the tab Research. Your contribution will be very valuable for our ongoing research project.

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