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Have you ever felt the presence of a deceased loved one? Did you hear him? Did you see her, at night at the foot of your bed or in nature ? Did you feel his arm around your waist in a familiar gesture lived a thousand times during his lifetime? Did you communicate with her during sleep ?

If this is the case, you have experienced an After-Death Communication (ADC). These spontaneous and direct contacts apparently initiated by the deceased are described and analysed in my latest book Quand les défunts viennent à nous, published in April 2017.

You will also discover, through my books and other writings, my 30-year work in the field of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs).

In order to offer you a comprehensive view of experiences around death, I also provide an introduction to Nearing-Death Awareness, in particular to deathbed visions.


The data collection for our research project on the Investigation of the phenomenology and impact of perceived spontaneous and direct After-Death Communications (ADCs) is now finalized. We thank the 1’004 participants who completed the questionnaire in the three languages ​​of the project (French, English and Spanish). The data analysis phase has begun and the first articles for scientific journals will be drafted in a few months. I will also write a new book that will present the results of the survey as well as the implications that are already emerging as quite spectacular.

|February 2020

I invite you to consult the page “Research” which presents the research project as well as the project team.

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La recopilación de testimonios para nuestro proyecto de investigación sobre la fenomenología y el impacto de las vivencias subjetivas de contacto con un difunto (VSCD) ya está completa. Agradecemos a los 1’004 participantes que completaron el cuestionario en los tres idiomas del proyecto (francés, inglés y español). La fase de análisis de datos ha comenzado y los primeros artículos para revistas científicas se escribirán en unos pocos meses. También escribiré un nuevo libro que presentará todos los resultados de la encuesta, así como las implicaciones que ya están surgiendo como espectaculares.

|Febrero 2020

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