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Have you ever felt the presence of a deceased loved one? Did you hear him? Did you see her coming towards you with a smile?  Did you feel his arm around your waist in a familiar gesture lived a thousand times during his lifetime? Did you communicate with her during sleep?

If so, it is likely that you have experienced an After-Death Communication (ADC). These spontaneous and direct contacts, allegedly initiated by the deceased, are the subject of my two most recent books Quand les défunts viennent à nous (2017) and Contacts spontanés avec un défunt (2021).


You will also discover, through my books and other writings, my work of 30 years in the field of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs).

In order to offer you an overview of death-related experiences, I also provide an introduction to End-of-Life Experiences (ELE), in particular to deathbed visions.


Current events

We are currently conducting a 5-year international research project on the phenomenology and impact of After-Death Communications (ADCs). On the Research page, you will find information about the team and the research project.


Your participation in our research project

We are currently conducting our survey on spontaneous After-Death Communications (ADCs) in German and Dutch. If you have spontaneously perceived a deceased family member or friend and would like to participate in our research project, you are invited to fill out the questionnaire, which you can find under the following links:

German survey


Dutch survey


Participation is possible until January 31, 2023.     




We have recently launched a website dedicated to the project:

After-Death Communication Research Project

You will discover:

  • Publications resulting from the project
  • Many videos and podcasts of the team members
  • Our current surveys
  • The News of the project
  • A bibliography on ADCs


For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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