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Have you ever felt the presence of a deceased loved one? Did you hear him? Did you see her coming towards you with a smile?  Did you feel his arm around your waist in a familiar gesture lived a thousand times during his lifetime? Did you communicate with her during sleep?

If so, it is likely that you have experienced an After-Death Communication (ADC). These spontaneous and direct contacts, allegedly initiated by the deceased, are the subject of my two most recent books Quand les défunts viennent à nous (2017) and Contacts spontanés avec un défunt (2021).


You will also discover, through my books and other writings, my work of 30 years in the field of Near-Death Experiences (NDEs).

In order to offer you an overview of death-related experiences, I also provide an introduction to End-of-Life Experiences (ELE), in particular to deathbed visions.


Current events



We have recently launched a website dedicated to the project:

After-Death Communication Research Project

You will discover:

  • Publications resulting from the project
  • Many videos and podcasts of the team members
  • Our current surveys
  • The News of the project
  • A bibliography on ADCs


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