Talking with Angel about illness, death and survival

"Talking with Angel about illness, death and survival"

By Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
Foreword by Kenneth Ring
192 | 198 pages (Paperwork | Digital)
August 2023
John Hunt Publishing – Roundfire Books
ISBN-10‏ : ‎ 1803413301 (ISBN-13‏ : ‎ 978-1803413303)
Info: Talking With Angel | 2023.VIII
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|| Talking with Angel about Illness, Death and Survival is the moving story of
a young girl battling leukaemia. She eventually realizes that she is going to
die and receives hope and comfort through nightly conversations with her
favourite doll, Angel, who helps her embrace a new perspective on dying
and the possibility that consciousness may survive after death. Her fear
of death is ultimately lifted by her new-found spiritual wisdom and by the
account of a near-death experience told to her by a young companion, as
well as by a deathbed vision she has of her deceased grand-mother. ||


"Le pays d'Ange"

Par Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
Préface de Kenneth Ring
224 pages
Les Presses du Midi, Toulon
ISBN 978-2-8127-0013-2
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"Engelchens Land"

Von Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
Mit einem Vorwort von Kenneth Ring
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1. Aufl. der deutschen Ausgabe 2004
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"Conversando com Angel"

Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
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ISBN 978-85-88477-85-8
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"De vorbă cu Angel : despre boală, moarte şi supravieţuire"

Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
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Editura For You, Bucharest
ISBN 978-973-1701-60-8
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"Konus benimle Angel"

Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
192 p.
2005, 9. baski 2012
Istanbul : Idéefixe – Carpe Diem
ISBN 978-975-6107-09-X
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Over ziekte, sterven en het hiernamaals
Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
Met een voorwoord van Kenneth Ring
256 pagina’s – Spirituele roman
Uitgeverij Strengholt Bussum Netherlands
ISBN 90-5860-2427
Info: Elsaesser-Valarino_Book-Talking_with_Angel-DU.pdf
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"Krajina anjelov"

Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
Predslov napà­sal Kenneth Ring
175 strà¡n
IKAR: Bratislava
ISBN 80-551-1241-X
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“Razgovori sa AnÄ‘elom”

Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino
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Just Blue: Srbiju
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“Mamma, papà , vedo la luce: una esperienza oltre i confini della vita”

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